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    Featured Blog: Rubber Hose

    Rubber Hose is the online home of upyernoz, or Noz as his friends know him. Noz blogs primarily about politics, with a knowledgable focus on middle eastern policy and events. Fluent in Arabic and an experienced foreign traveler, Noz always has valuable insight into the issues of the day.

    Rubber hose is a pretty decent sized fish in the left-blogosphere pond (it's been on the Eschaton blogroll for years now), but it is unusual in that Noz engages regularly with his commentors. Many bloggers rarely show up in their own comments, but Noz is a constant (but not excessive) presence in his.

    Rubber Hose is also noteworthy for the well pruned blogroll. Noz's place is always a good place to start when looking to kill time on the internet.

    Rubber Hose is located at the R5 Haverford station.

    Featured Blog: Drexel Democrats

    Drexel Democrats is the official website of the Drexel University College Democrats. Written by and for Drexel students, it updates frequently with missives on local, state, and national politics from the perspective of college students.

    The Drexel Democrats also post about events on and around campus that would be of interest to politically active people. While the blog is primarily focused at college students who may not read many other political blogs, Drexel Democrats is an interesting and unique addition to the plethora of political blogs in this town.

    Reading and commenting on the blog is a great way for local candidates and political organizations to introduce themselves to the organization.

    The Drexel Democrats are located at the 33rd Street trolley stop.

    Featured Blog: SEPTA Watch

    SEPTA Watch follows the trials and tribulations of the millions of people in the greater Philadelphia area who use public transportation. The unending drama of SEPTA fares, repair projects, and politics are highlighted with clarity and indignation. SEPTA Watch is rough on the politicians and beaurocrats, but does so on behalf of the riders and community members who rely on public transportation and so often don't have a voice in the process.

    If you've had a particularly rough commute or just a SEPTA story you'd like to share, email SEPTA Watch at septawatch@gmail.com.

    SeptaWatch is located at the 46th Street stop of the Market El.